General Generic Annual Atheist Yak and Yarn or G.G.A.A.Y.Y for short is a club for Atheists.


The club was founded in 1904, by Jacs Holt I, Jacs decided to create a club, that meets every week to discuss Atheism and such. When Jacs Holt I had died, she had passed it down to her son and daughter.

Weekly Routine and ActivitiesEdit

For years the routine has stayed the same, they meet at 7:00 PM Wednesdays, then they all go out to a restaurant, discuss things and drink themselves stupid, there is a party or a function nearly every meeting.



Jacs Holt I

Niall Holt I


Niall Holt II

Jacs Holt II

Lou Pickles

Drew Pickles

Eugene Krabs

Squidward Tentacles




Criticsm and ControverseyEdit

G.A.Y has caused quite a bit

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