This is the first film in the franchise, if you are looking for the franchise go here.

Overview and plotEdit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts will consist of seven confirmed segments, Mr Krabs will usually get mad and have a fit of rage. There will be a plot, but it will be broken up into seven segments.


The film will consist of currently three confirmed segments, maybe a prologue and epilogue.

Act 1: A Titanic Trip to the BeachEdit

Mr Krabs and Squidward round up SpongeBob, Luigi, E.K, Kizza, Franky and Justin to go to Coonarr beach, Coonarr is Mr Krabs's favorite beach, Where they usually do beach activities.

Act 2: Channel SurfingEdit

An unconfirmed character is channel surfing, which is annoying Mr Krabs.

Act 3: Fatal CrossingEdit

While on a fishing trip to Cahill's Crossing, Mr Krabs encounters a crocodile.

Act 4: Road to RecoveryEdit

Recovering from the recent crocodile attack, Mr Krabs has a hard time.

Act 5: Road RageEdit

On a trip to Coonarr Beach, Mr Krabs has a hard time driving.

Act 6: Coon-ARGH!/Coon-ahh!Edit

Finally making it to Coonarr Beach, Mr Krabs just wants to relax.

Act 7: What's in a Nickname?Edit

Mr Krabs and Squidward decide to have nicknames for eachother.

Act 8: A Pill a day keeps my Bipolar At Bay!Edit

Mr Krabs is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and he must take medication.

Act 9: Love, Actually.Edit

Luigi is torn between Franky and Justin... Who will he chose?

Act 10: Spooky Kooky-Boo!Edit

Mr Krabs and the gang investigate an old house which is said to be haunted.

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