Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Old Version Re-Upload)

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Old Version Re-Upload)

The 2011 version

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts or MKGN is an animated series with various musical numbers, with Mr Krabs, a teacher raging at either his fair-weather friend (who is yet to be named), or at anyone in particular that annoys him (mainly students). The series takes place in 2009-2018.


Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Originally: Mr S Goes Nuts) was a quickly made video one night in 2010 for a few laughs, the creator then showed his friends and it became a small success, the video file was later deleted, In early 2011, the creator found the video project and changed the name and character and Mr Krabs Goes Nuts was born!


The Mr Krabs Goes Nuts series will mostly use APM Music, most tracks being from SpongeBob SquarePants, the theme song is currently unknown, but most likely it will re-use the Home and Away instrumental theme again.

Being a "musical" these films will involve many songs, mostly parodied from other well known musicals.

The opening of MKGN 2, will be based from "Rocky Horror (Picture) Show".


There are many characters in Mr Krabs Goes Nuts, ranging from made-up characters to celebrites.

  • Bruce Krabbs: A rude old teacher with a very low tolerance, he has bipolar disorder which is the main reason for his fits of rage, Atheist. He is neutral with fair-weather friend, often fighting, totally obsessed with money, homophobic.
  • Ken "Squid" Ward: Bruce Krabs' fair-weather friend, Ward is also a rude man, similar to Krabs, but he is much more "refined" and leniant, Ward can't tolerate much, maybe bipolar, also an Atheist, the years of abuse from Krabs has made him use to it, he is shown to be an avid clarinet player.
  • Ben: The main protagonist, usually suffers with Mr Krabbs and Mr Ward and their antics of pandemonium, has a crush on Franky.
  • Elio - One of Ben's friends.
  • E.K - Ben's female friend since childhood.
  • Kizza - One of Ben's friends, often imitates Krabs and ???.
  • Lillie: One of Ben's female friends, very happy and always with Ben.
  • Franky: One of Ben's female friends, his closest female friend and love interest.
  • Hau: Another one of Ben's male friends, loves Malasadas and has a massive crush on Lillie.
  • Gladion - One of Ben's friends and often stands up to Mr Krabbs and the brains of the gang.
  • The Almighty: Creator of all things, He is also known as The Zenthian Father.
  • The Goddess: Female Deity, The Almighty's Wife, She is also known as The Zenthian Mother.
  • Arceus: Creator of all Pokémon, It is also known as The Father Of All Pokémon.
  • Grandpa Lou: Ben's grandfather, that Ben loves a lot. He's funny and is always telling stories. He is a bit conservative and complains about the newer generation.
  • Angry Grandpa: Late YouTuber, bipolar, angry and all out dangerous (Passed away on December 10, 2017, though in the series he is still alive).
  • Pickleboy: Angry Grandpa's son, usually films the series.
  • Gran: Mr Krabbs's mother, with very similar mannerisms, likes only Mr Krabs and Mr Ward.
  • Justin Bieber: Famous popstar, is liked by Elio, Ben and Franky until he starts going crazy.
  • Justin Bieber II (simply Justin Bieber): Clone of the original Justin Bieber from when he was first becoming famous. Replaces the original Justin Bieber.
  • Hibiki the Asian Dad: A stereotypical Asian Father.
  • Kyouhei/Nate: Son of Hibiki.
  • Vicky: Caring, Highly Religious, runs a bed and breakfast with her husband Eric, often has a beef with Mr Krabs, aunt of Ben and sister of brother Gary.
  • Gary: Cranky and picky, yet a funny old fart, brother of Vicky, main quotes "I can't/cannot stand..." and "Good hey!", works somewhere in Alola.
  • Eric: Vicky's husband, runs a bed and breakfast with Vicky.
  • Mario: Nintendo's famous mascot.
  • Kerryn Curran: Highly conservative religious lady, also a teacher.
  • Minerva Were: Another teacher.
  • Kipkay: TV personality.
  • Directioners: Fans of One Direction.
  • Beliebers: Fans of Justin Bieber.
  • Shae: A girl, she has a love/hate relationship with Luigi and his friends.
  • Mr Bury: A teacher and a puppet designer, claims to have worked on Star Wars.
  • Jim Tea: A gentle giant.
  • Barry Lockhart: A funny man, always playing pranks on people.
  • Mr G: The flamboyant, feminine Drama teacher.
  • Pete (Peter) Hal Kingswood: A friend of Luigi's, who Luigi stays with some times.
  • Patty: Peter's landlord and friend.
  • Erika Davidson: Principal of the school, she was a prison governor, she is pretty lenient.
  • Anne Reynolds: Second principal of the school.
  • Megan "Meg" Jackson/Morris: Luigi's favorite teacher, is firm, but fair.
  • Colleen Powell: A teacher who is mild.
  • Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett: A very bitter teacher.
  • Jean 'The Freak' Ferguson: Possibly the worst teacher ever, a sadistic woman who was a prison officer and then a prisoner and now a teacher.
  • Celia Grave: Another bitter teacher, talks in a fake posh accent.
  • Rebecca "Bec" Langton (neé Yates): Another teacher who is bitter and quite nasty.
  • Agnes Drury: Mr Krabs in female form, she is funny, yet strict.
  • Jon Numan: A teacher who is very impatient.
  • Steve Mcrae: Male teacher.
  • Geoff Delaney: Male teacher.
  • Franklin Burke: Creepy janitor.
  • Rod Adams: Nasty teacher.
  • Lou King: E.K's father.
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Richard Carpenter
  • Robyn McGonagall: A teacher whom everyone suspects is a witch.
  • Harold Camping - Religious preacher, predicts doomsday (real Harold Camping passed away in 2013)
  • Niall Horan - Member of One Direction, becomes Ben's friend.
  • Louis Tomlinson - Member of One Direction, also becomes Ben's friend.
  • Harry Styles - Member of One Direction, is very friendly and Ben and the gang suspect he's Jewish.
  • Liam Payne - Member of One Direction.
  • Zayn Malik - Ex-Member of One Direction.
  • Severus Snake - Self-claimed 'Potions Master'.
  • Rita Hyunh: Contestant in "My Kitchen Rules", later dates Gary.
  • Pastor Jiry - Local priest with a Southern accent, while he's a fire-breathing, Hellfire and Brimstone preacher who yells while preaching hard on sin, he's also very sympathetic and a sweetheart with a big heart, if someone is having a bad day, he's there for them. Jiry gets a bad rep among the liberal community for being "too hateful" and "a bigot", however, his sermons show otherwise.
  • Rabbi Jiry - Pastor Jiry's Jewish cousin, who is a Rabbi.
  • Boris Goldstein - An elderly Jewish man.
  • Minka Goldstien - An elderly Jewish woman.
  • Pastor Anderson Stevens - A young priest who is very enthusiastic about "Soul-Winning" a widely successful method of bringing people to The Almighty and Arceus, he is regarded as "a young Pastor Jiry", Like Pastor Jiry, Pastor Andrews gets a bad rep for being "hateful" and "bigoted" when in reality his sermons are the opposite of "hateful" and "bigoted".
  • "Pastor" Keith Gipp: The dumbest pastor ever, doesn't know anything about Arceusism and blasphemes The Almighty. Gipp is a true hatemonger and a very childish man, often throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. He worms his way into the local church and takes over it (almost turning it cult-like). He is a mega-hypocrite and criticizes everyone, including Pastor Jiry.
  • Deacon Sam Gomez: Keith Gipp's Deacon who is equally as thick as him.
  • Jack T - An old man who lost his larynx due to cancer, who now speaks with an Electrolarynx. Several Kingsfield citezens bully the poor old man.
  • Slimalion - A slime that becomes friends with Krabs and the gang.
  • Perrie Moppins - A nanny that comes to work for Krabs. An obvious parody of Mary Poppins.
  • Sophia Justine Warrick - A genderqueer/non-binary, pan-sexual who is an extreme feminist, she is easily offended and protests everything that she finds "problematic". She hates Mr Krabs with a burning passion, due to him being extremely "privileged". Many other feminists condemn her, which Sophia in return, refers to them as "fake feminists". She often switches between gender identities.


Hau'oli City and Castelia CityEdit

  • Hau'oli City Church
  • Kingstelia Crown Arena
  • Hau'oli Cemetary
  • Downtown Castelia
  • Downtown Hau'oli
  • Castelia Detention Center
  • Synagogue
  • Skyarrow Bridge
  • Castelia Port
  • Trainer's School (referred to Hau'oli High in MKGN)

Outside of Hau'oli City and Castelia CityEdit

  • Cahill's Crossing
  • Pinwheel Forest
  • Bait's Motel
  • Coonarr Beach
  • Dragon Quest universe
  • Pokémon Musical Theater
  • Nimbasa City
  • Lumiose City
  • Kalos
  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Sinnoh
  • Hoenn
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Rijon
  • Naljo


  • Trailer Park


Mr Krabs Goes NutsEdit

  • A Titanic Trip to the Beach
  • Channel Surfing
  • Fatal Crossing

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts 2Edit

  • Money Vault
  • One Direction
  • Justin Bieber
  • Gran
  • There's something about Eugene
  • Mr Krabs meets Angry Grandpa
  • Hightanic
  • Hey Fwissp!
  • Sooezar
  • God VS Mr Krabs
  • Doomsday??
  • The Lion King
  • Accused!
  • Mario
  • Punch Buggy
  • King-Hit!
  • The Teaching Job
  • Mr Krabs Plays Slender
  • Mr Krabs Plays the Scary Maze Game


Mr Krabs Goes Nuts, will have a soundtrack, consisting of instrumental tracks mainly by the talented Myuuji, popular songs and APM Music.

Various songs using soundfonts converted from MIDI files will be used too.

For sound effects, an array of sound effects will be used.

How it will be madeEdit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts will either use a ROM of Pokémon FireRed Version, AdvanceMap and a sprite editor, Shockwave Flash or MikuMikuDance.

Themes it will involveEdit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts will have some slight sexual humor, coarse language, Religious references and drug references. The style of comedy will be similar to the styles of comedy used in The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy.

Fun FactsEdit

The series was originally going to be based off of SpongeBob SquarePants, but the idea was scrapped.