A list of the passengers that boarded the ship.


Miriam Pickles - Kanto

Mario Pickles - Kanto

Princess Toadstool/Peach - Kanto

Luigi Pickles - Kanto

Misty Williams - Kanto

Fred Weatherby - Kanto

Rubeus Hagrid - Kanto

Albus Dumbledore - Kanto

Ruby Buckton - Summer Bay

Nicole Franklin - Summer Bay

Belle Taylor - Australia

Bobby Simpson - Australia

Boris Weinstein - "The Old Country"

Minka Weinstein - "The Old Country"

Scar - Unova

C. Montgomery Burns - Kanto

Apu Nahasapheemapetilon - Kanto

Kent Brockman - Kanto

Reverend Horan - Kanto

Shy Guy - Kanto

Bowser Koopa - Kanto

Koopa - Kanto

Death tollEdit

2200 Passengers died out of 2400, 55 missing, 2 recovered, 1957 survived.

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