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The Mr Krabs Goes Nuts Sequel Show is the second musical film in the Mr Krabs Goes Nuts franchise.

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Mr Krabs Goes Nuts two will consist of forty confirmed segments. (The listed segments are not in correct order).

Act: On The Inside Edit

A drastic move by the department meddles with the lives of students and teachers.

Act: You've Got That One ThingEdit

The famous Irish and British boyband have a concert in Kingsfield. Luigi, Franky, E.K and Justin want to go. This will be from Luigi's P.O.V.

Act: Never Say NeverEdit

The famous Canadian pop-singer has a concert in Kingsfield. Luigi, Franky, E.K and Justin do all they can to go. This will be from Luigi's P.O.V.

Act: Punch Buggy!Edit

A nice relaxing car trip to Coonarr Beach turns haywire when Luigi teaches the others about "punch buggy".

Act: Accused!Edit

Sick and tired of being mistreated by Mr Krabs and Ward, someone decides to write a few untrue stories about them, which leads to a police matter.

Act: HightanicEdit

The gang are on a cruise that they've won and someone has smuggled drugs on to the ship.

Act: A Night to Remember...Edit

Following the drug drama, the cruise continues, but what will happen?

Act: Money VaultEdit

While Mr Krabs is out, Luigi and the gang discover a very shocking thing about Mr Krabs.

Act: SooezarEdit

Fed up with the abuse that is thrown at him by Mr Krabs and the way Mr Krabs can't pronounce his nickname properly, Ward decides to be nasty back to Mr Krabs.

Act: The Almighty V.S Mr KrabsEdit

Luigi and the gang find out that Mr Krabs and Ward are Atheists, they do their best to make Mr Krabs and Ward see that Arceus and The Almighty exist!

Act: There's something about EugeneEdit

Mr Krabs and Ward have this secret, a secret that SpongeBob, Luigi and his friends want to know, it comes as a shock to them when they find out.

Act: Doomsday??Edit

A religious preacher named Harold Camping predicts the Rapture, The Second Coming of The Almighty and the End of The World for a certain date. Will the world end? Or will this Mr Camping have a miscalculated date. This segment will pay as tribute to the real Harold Camping who passed away on December 15. 2013.

Act: A Visit From MarioEdit

Luigi introduces the class to Mario, and Mr Krabs is tired of it.

Act: Angry Grandpa meets Mr KrabsEdit

The students recount a memory of when YouTube hot head Angry Grandpa pays a visit to Mr Krabs. Between the two bipolar men, a war ensues.

Act: Hey Fwissp!Edit

Mr Krabs has been making a whistle noise to get people's attention for many years, his trademark whistle noise is stolen and he has to get it back!

Act: The Litleo KingEdit

An old tape arrives, Mr Krabs and Ward remember that they were part of the original cast members in The Litleo King.

Act: Gran VisitsEdit

Mr Krab's politically incorrect grandmother comes to stay, she seems to be very welcome and very unwelcome.

Act: King-Hit!Edit

Luigi says something that annoys Kizza, Kizza punches Luigi and drama starts from there.

Act: The Teaching JobEdit

Mr Krabs and Squidward get jobs as teachers, will their new jobs last?

Act: Mr Krabs plays SlenderEdit

Mr Krabs plays the famous game called Slender.

Act: Mr Krabs plays the Scary Maze GameEdit

Mr Krabs plays the famous Scary Maze Game.

Act: The Neptune AdventureEdit

It's New Year's Eve, and the gang are on a cruise, will there be a Morning After?

Act: ChristmasEdit

Christmas Time arrives.

Act: Who Wants To Win A Certain Amount of Money?!Edit

Mr Krabs competes in a gameshow.

Act: ArtEdit

Mr Krabs takes the gang to an art gallery.

Act: The Dream MileEdit

After watching a certain movie, Mr Krabs dreams similar events.

Act: Wally Wanka and the Money FactoryEdit

Mr Krabs and the gang win tickets to a tour of a factory.

Act: Who do you think you are kidding Mr Bieber?Edit

Justin Bieber changes drastically and changes his style, Luigi and his friends don't like it.

Act: Krabs: Father, Teacher and All-Out Flirt.Edit

Mr Krabs and Ward get girlfriends.

Act: A Secret Best Kept HiddenEdit

Trying to keep their new girlfriends secret, Mr Krabs and Ward sneak off for secret dates.

Act: Candy Krabs SagaEdit

Mr Krabs becomes seriosuly addicted to the game Candy Crush Saga.

Act: Substitute Preacher!Edit

When Pastor Jiry falls ill, a substitute preacher fills in. However, the substitute has his own grand ideas.

Act: Mr Krabs... You're Fired!Edit

Mr Krabs completely loses his temper and his job...

Act: Visiting Gary...Edit

Luigi stays with his father Gary.

Act: Can you spare a Niall?Edit

Niall Horan arrives, and quickly becomes friends with Luigi, the shenanigans begin!

Act: FamousEdit

An unconfirmed character becomes an instant celebrity and is loved by millions, however things soon go sour.

Act: My Kitchen Sucks!Edit

Krabs and Ward enter "My Kitchen Rules" hoping to win, however, things don't go how they planned.

Act: To Catch a Money-WhoreEdit

In another scheme to get more money, Mr Krabs decides to chat up a female bank teller online.

Act: Kingswood ChurchEdit

The legalisation of same-sex marriage attracts the small church of Kingswood, making them quite famous.

Act: The Office JobEdit

After being suspended from teaching, Mr Krabs decides to work at a local office to get more money, however, his new boss is quite sweet on him.

Act: The Towering Inferno.Edit

A small electrical fault in a large tower causes major problems.

Act: Hoenn and AwayEdit

Mr Krabs has some unsettled business over in Hoenn from many years ago, Mr Krabs takes his friends over there.

Act: Breaking KrabsEdit

Mr Krabs and his class decide to try a new recipe for a new Malasada for a competition, however, the ingredients he is using are illegal.

Act: Oy Vey! Edit

Luigi, Niall and Justin decide to convert to Judaism after visiting local synagogue by accident and finding that they enjoyed service.

Act: Haz Mitzvah Edit

Luigi and the gang begin picking up certain vibes from Harry, believing him to be Jewish.

Act: Perrie Moppins Edit

A nanny is hired to set Luigi and his friends straight.

Act: Krabs of Seville Edit

In an opera-themed episode, Mr Krabs takes a liking to opera music after hearing some on the radio, he then tries his hand at singing opera music just for fun, however, he doesn't know he's really good and soon finds out that he's good after he's approached by a talent manager.

Act: Alola! Edit

Feeling nice, Mr Krabs decides that he and his employees should go on vacation.

Act: Cult-ure Shock Edit

Luigi and his friends find solace when they start spending time with and later befriending a man who seems to be able to connect with people and help them with their problems.

Act: Krabs VS K-Pop (working title) Edit

A certain K-Pop boy group catches the interest of some of the students and Krabs won't have any of it.

Act: Get Your Freak On Edit

A new, formidable teacher arrives. Is she the female equivalent to Krabs?

Songs/Parodies Edit

  1. Opening - Mr Krabs Goes Nuts 2 (Parodying "Science Fiction, Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  2. Da-Doo (working title) (Parodying "Da-Doo" from Little Shop of Horrors)
  3. Somewhere That's Green (Parodying the song of the same name from Little Shop of Horrors)
  4. The Perfect Nanny (parody of "The Perfect Nanny" from Mary Poppins)
  5. The Secret Formula (parody of "A Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins)
  6. A parody of "Feed The Birds" from Mary Poppins.
  7. A parody of "Lets Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins.